TESTED: This is the best fully automatic espresso machine | best test

TESTED: This is the best fully automatic espresso machine |  best test

What is the best fully automatic espresso machine? And which one has the best value for money? Consumers’ Association responds.

Don’t you want to drink the same cup of coffee day after day? Do you prefer an espresso one day and a cappuccino or latte the next? Then a fully automatic espresso machine could be a solution.

The disadvantage of a fully automatic machine is the price. They are often much more expensive than other espresso machines. On the other hand, you can make several types of coffee, as the machine grinds the beans itself and you can adjust it exactly according to your own desires.

There are some differences between fully automatic espresso machines. For example, there are machines in which milk enters an integral tank. But there are also some places where the milk is in a separate jug or carton. And only one person can make espresso.

The Consumers’ Association tests fully automatic machines on aspects such as espresso quality, brewing speed, coffee temperature, and milk froth quality. A total of 304 espresso machines were tested, of which 158 were fully automatic. The Jura model is the best in the test. Model from Philips is Best Buy.

Best in the test: Jura D4 Piano Black

Best in the test: Jura D4 Piano Black © Consumers Association

The Jura D4 has a glossy and elegant “piano black” appearance. The machine is completely focused on making black coffee, without milk additives. And he does it perfectly. The machine has many options to prepare the perfect espresso. You can adjust the degree of grinding, the amount of coffee and the amount of water. This guarantees excellent coffee quality.

You can even set up this device via your smartphone. This works with the help of a smart plug. This way, there are more setting options, such as coffee temperature and exact proportions of coffee and water.

Jura doesn’t make much noise if you put a bowl with it. The screen is easy to read and very easy to operate. The quality of the espresso that is ejected is very good. The general usability is also quite good.

Whoever buys this device should be aware that it is a so-called “trick pony”. In other words: He only knows one trick, and that’s making espresso. Although he could do it in different forms. If you are looking for a model that can make all types of coffee, it is best to choose a machine with a milk frother and a milk jug, which may or may not be integrated.

Best Buy: Philips 1200/2200 series

Best Buy: Philips 1200/2200 series
Best Buy: Philips 1200/2200 series © Consumers Association

The Philips EP2220 grinds fresh beans, but it also has a tank that can store pre-ground coffee. There are many options for improving the taste of coffee. It is also easy to clean.

Just like the Jura D4, this machine isn’t too complicated to use, the screen works intuitively and it comes out great espresso. You can froth milk using a steam tube. The milk foam is of good quality, although it could be a bit firmer and warmer.

The downside to this machine is that it is not one of the fastest. It takes about a minute and a half to grind and brew two cups of espresso. And you can also hear it very well, because it’s not really the quietest.

By the way, this device has two almost equal variants, where the color is the only difference and the version is slightly cheaper. It is for the Philips 2200 EP2220 / 10 series.


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The Consumers’ Association tests thousands of products each year, together with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories in the Netherlands and abroad. Tested products are purchased in-store, so that they are not previously tampered with by manufacturers.

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