Naughty Dog Delays The Last of Us Multiplayer Game, Announces New Game Games News

During the development of the project, you first have the prototype stage, where you define what you’re going to do and plan the project, and then you end up in the production stage, where you actually implement your plans and put a large amount of people into the project to work on the gameplay and build all the assets, levels, etc.

However, if you discover during the production phase that there are fundamental issues with direction and that you need to rethink certain things that form the basis of the design, you should not do so while burning millions of euros in the production team that continue to create assets that may later be discarded.

The right move, then, is to back off, and put the production team on another project, so that game design can be handled carefully and with enough time. Of course you should be offered this space, but luckily Naughty Dog has a great track record and they have enough other projects that can do it. And they have a reputation for preservation, so they don’t want to invent a half-baked game.

Anyway, what I mean is that downsizing does not mean automatic cancellation. It’s quite a challenge for a single player studio like Naughty Dog to make a live service game, which requires a completely different approach and there’s a lot of knowledge they still have to acquire, so it’s no surprise that it isn’t easy. Don’t sail me anything. Just props to wmb that they’re making the most of Bungie’s knowledge and aren’t afraid to make major tweaks so there’s a better game in the end (although multiplayer isn’t really a thing).

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