Roy Donders and his girlfriend Michelle celebrate their anniversary

Roy Donders and his girlfriend Michelle celebrate their anniversary

Roy Donders sitting on a pink cloud. To everyone’s surprise, he lost his heart to a woman six months ago. The designer from the South posts an amazing post on Instagram highlighting his love for his girlfriend.

big shock

While on vacation in Greece, Roy met his girlfriend, Michelle. As he put it, his feelings immediately grew and it immediately became clear that this was more than just friendship. The feelings were mutual, but Michelle was in another relationship at the time. Once back in Holland, they couldn’t avoid it. They expressed their feelings for each other about Christmas.

It was such a big shock to the whole of Holland that Roy Donders suddenly had an affair with a woman, rather than a man. The designer was previously in a long-term relationship with Marvin, but that ended in a major public fight. After that he had several flings and also participated in Long Live Love which was related to a man.

Half a year together

Today Roy shares on his Instagram that he has been with his girlfriend for half a year. “How I love you. Today we have been together for half a year and are looking forward to more beautiful years together.” Put it below the picture.

On his Instagram story, you can see several videos of them celebrating their birthday. Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” plays in the background. The house is decorated with balloons and a bottle of champagne is opened, which, of course, is also used to prepare the toast. “Today, exactly half a year ago, we shared our feelings with each other. I love you, my love.” End the day with a sumptuous dinner.

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