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One user says he was able to install an M.2 2242 SSD drive in Steam Deck with minor modifications. By default, the deck only supports the smallest M.2 2230 SSD.

According to Twitter user Belly Jelly All users need is a file arc adapter This allows the motherboard to accept 42mm SSDs. Just a small heat pad This converter hampers; Delete the user. Moreover, the adapter slightly bends the heat spreader and SSD, but claims that this does not affect the operation.

to me To make it more difficult These are modern It works, it also publishes images that it closed Steam Deck again and installs SteamOS on the new SSD. Billy Gilly reported that all this goes without any problems.

Steam Deck’s M.2 2230 is the smallest SSD available. Pricewatch shows that there are currently six hard drives for sale that meet this size. In terms of M.2 2242 engines, there are 35 options. This increase in the number of options creates the possibility of placing an SSD with a capacity of more than 1 TB in the deck, or one at a more favorable price per GB.

The valve is relatively open for deck tweaking. Spare parts are available for purchase through iFixit And the company has CAD files from the dwelling and a tearing down chest. Valve previously said that the SSD in Steam Deck Not intended for replacementbut in practice it doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

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