January 27, 2023

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“When I owned three properties I could live on and quit my job” |  salary

“When I owned three properties I could live on and quit my job” | salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutch person every week. Today: Sebastian (39) works 50 hours a week as a real estate entrepreneur. He has his own brokerage with several branches. He has invested in several properties from which he has earned rental income.

What do you earn?
If I pay myself a salary for the work I do in brokerage, the net amount drops to 3,500 euros. In addition, I have several properties from which I get a monthly rental income of 13,000 euros. There is still €5,225 in costs, think bank loan, taxes and maintenance, so I have €775 left. And rental income is tax-exempt.”

Happy with – cheerful who?
Of course, it’s a great salary. I started investing sixteen years ago. At first I managed to buy my mother’s house, and then I began to rent it for each room. With these proceeds I began to save diligently. I’m twenty-eighte I can buy my grandmother’s second home. I was lucky enough to be able to arrange the payment with my mother. As a result, this house also brought in rental income. I have always made these purchases along with my salaried job. That gave safety.”

How many properties do you have now?
I now have seven. When I owned three properties, I could live on them and quit my job. I was busy looking for accommodation and always renovated it myself to make it look great. Sometimes I convert one building into two or three houses. It’s a good idea to do this, then you can give more people room to live. I’ve had a real estate business for four years now. It was a logical step. Last year I did a good job in marketing and now I have seven branches. There will be an eighth and perhaps a ninth. It’s great now.”

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Sexy, many branches?
Yes and no, now that I work with a team, I also have to pass on my vision and service to someone else. I am concerned when a customer sends an email saying that she hasn’t received a response from a colleague for two days. This hurts my head sometimes on the weekends. In business it is easier to do it yourself, because then you can only blame yourself. ”


People think fried chicken flies in their mouths, but they don’t

How do you define for yourself what you want to earn?
“I’m in a luxury situation. I get a huge amount of rent, I’m very grateful for it, and the rest is secondary. That’s why I do something I really enjoy. I was thinking to myself: I want to earn 10,000 euros a month. I thought that was a good amount. Something directors deserved.” I am now well past it.

Money is fun. I’m a bit capitalist, but I also really enjoy helping people. We recently went to Bonaire for two weeks and have been working an average of three hours a day. However I feel free now that I am no longer accepting this salary slip and I am busy with myself.”

What is your golden advice?
People think that fried chicken flies in their mouths, but this is not the case. I used to work in the sports industry and this is where I started: as a fitness trainer. After I told my boss that I wanted to become a manager, he was able to recommend me to another position a few weeks later. If I hadn’t had this conversation before, I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

How do you see your future?
“That’s a good question. I sometimes worry about what Minister De Jonge (for Housing and Spatial Planning, ed.) is planning. He wants to tackle rents, so that home buying becomes less attractive to investors. As a result, the shortage in the rental housing market is getting worse. Something for people to rent. I’m worried about that. But… there’s no bill yet. So I won’t dwell on it too much. For now, I’ll wait and see what happens in terms of politics in the Netherlands and won’t invest anything for a while.”

Is Sebastian earning enough?

Age: 39
Number of years of work experience: 10 (in real estate 10, total 22 years)
Number of working hours per week: 50
Position: management
Industry: real estate
Number of employees: 8
Country of residence of the head office: Netherlands

according to Salary Guide The average gross salary for a similar job is 4255 euros. “This is very high, you know. When I started as a broker, I earned a net of €2,000 and then it went up to €3,000 and then I finished.”

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