Roxeanne presents a reward within the Hazes family with the best singers in performance | gossip

Roxeanne presents a reward within the Hazes family with the best singers in performance |  gossip

For example, Roxanne said her “biggest hit” came when Rachel wrote a book after her father’s death. Then my mother was not with me for nine months. Just when you need it the most to grieve.” Roxanne says she took a big hit because her mother would have abandoned her. “You’re destroying someone with that for the rest of their life. I’m an adult woman, but I find it hard to sleep on my own.”

Rachel doesn’t recognize herself in her daughter’s story at all. She writes on Instagram: “I reported to the media today that I was surprised to learn of Roxanne’s statements. It is also special that this was never directly reported to me or others in our/our immediate environment, while I assumed everything was negotiable within our family.”

(The text continues below the Instagram post.)

Rachel adds: “I find it incomprehensible that I am now hearing this indirectly through a program. Fortunately, I know I am supported by people who still know how it is done, as attested by the many pleasant reactions I have received from everyone.”

Andrei replied

Roxanne’s brother, Andre, who has mainly been in the background since his depletion, also responds to their mother’s letter. “Mom, it is with a sad heart and indirect shame that I had to read these letters about you from the outside. I sincerely hope that you will not be deceived by the statements of someone who is trying to belittle you in every possible way.”

“You took care of us and fought like a lioness when we were young and as one of your two children, I absolutely don’t agree with the allegations made about you.”

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Andre then concludes, “I am grateful for what you have been able to achieve from our chaotic childhood and the achievement you have achieved in making me what I am today. And you get eternal respect from me for that.”

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