Wall Street Journal: Facebook and Apple held talks about in-app purchases and subscriptions – IT Pro – News

Hundreds of millions of people around the world continue to stand up for everything this company does.

Whether hundreds of millions of people fend for them aside, there are many but no idea how many.

But that is the reason why I switched to Android 9 years ago, of course the Android community is not nice either, but they are not as crazy as some of the Apple users.

Most people who use Apple products won’t be covered, but the group that goes so far as to criticize Apple for not acting like “they think Apple should act.”

In addition, there are also people who justify everything, and sometimes they still dare to say “you” is the problem, because you are not using the product “as intended”.

Apple products work well, especially if you want to be in this ecosystem fully, but the ecosystem shouldn’t be shut down immediately, but well…I’m skewed and miserable at me just with this opinion/comment.

In short, I’m happy with the 13 Pro because I’m back on iOS. But if you go back to Android, it’s probably for the same reason it was 9 years ago, a community that is so toxic that few other things compare to it (and I’m saying this as a player, who has enough knows about toxic communities)

Apple makes great products that work well, and as much as Apple is part of the problem, the people I just mentioned are the real problem, the Apple ecosystem isn’t a perfect city, and some people see it that way.

As with privacy towards facebook, it is not a bona fide as some like to see it.

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