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Short answer: Yes, often.

Long answer: There are definitely differences. CD is 16 bit 44 kHz. Tidal’s HQ Lossless Audio Box everything They are in terms of format, and possibly also higher bit rates (24-bit) and sample rates (up to 96 kHz). But it’s not just the codec that differs – there may actually be a different master (source audio) used for that streaming service. For example, the range in which more dynamic range is used (greater difference between hard and soft), something that happens more often on broadcasts than on CD. Compare it with vinyl – there, too, are often used other masters that fit the medium better.

For a good overview of the difference between these versions, take a look at DB . dynamic range. There you’ll find statistics on all your favorite recordings about “loudness” (in other words: how much dynamic range there is) and you can see clear differences between different formats like broadcast and CD.

Example: painting “21” for Adele. As you can see, vinyl has a much greater dynamic range compared to CD.

And a direct example in the answer to your question: Path Don’t smile at me Billie Eilish. Dolby Atmos’ main streaming software is again much quieter than the CD version.

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