March 31, 2023

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Root: Climate report very worrying |  NOS

Root: Climate report very worrying | NOS

The government considers conclusions climate panel From the United Nations is very disturbing. According to the commission’s latest report, there is unparalleled climate change and the world must prepare for more extreme weather events without taking drastic measures.

Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte described it as very important to achieve the goals agreed in Europe for 2030 and 2050. This is fundamental for the Cabinet and especially for the formed parties.

Rutte also wants to see what he can do this year to “close the gaps that arise”. He reiterated that there is likely a link between the recent floods in Germany, Belgium and Limburg and climate change. “You can’t take your eyes off that.”

Climate Olympics

The Prime Minister believes that the Netherlands can lead the way in addressing problems in an innovative way. According to him, this provides opportunities for economic growth and employment. He likened the Olympics, in which the Netherlands took first place in the medal standings among all EU countries: “I am convinced that the Netherlands will also participate in the Olympic Games in terms of achieving economic goals and opportunities. Climate can be number one.”

According to Foreign Minister Yesilgöz (Climate), the Climate Report once again demonstrates that greenhouse gas emissions must be significantly reduced in the coming decades.

‘Climate is not caring’

Other politicians are also worried. D66 leader Kaag said of the report that her party wants action: “Speedy implementation of the new EU climate package and a leadership role for the Netherlands,” she tweeted. GroenLinks leader Klaver also believes that the Netherlands must take the lead in stopping the climate crisis. According to him, governments continue to insist that addressing the climate crisis is not in a hurry and this is irresponsible behaviour.

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Rep. PvdA Thijssen believes the best thing the government can do is to “stop being a climate steward”. According to the PvdA, the government is only half achieving its goals and ignoring the Supreme Court ruling. “Climate is not nurturing either,” he asserts.

lost decades

Socialist party leader Marijnesen said in reaction that it was time for a fair economy that also took care of the land: “But then we shouldn’t leave it to the market.”

Party leader Ouwehand of the Party for the Animals believes precious decades have been lost. “Finally do your job,” she told the Cabinet. Leader ChristenUnie Segers describes climate change as “not an opinion, but a life-threatening fact”.

CDA leader Hoekstra tweets that government, businesses and society must invest together in a sustainable economy.