Summer Special Guest Sevdaliza had one flaw: She couldn’t figure it out

Summer Special Guest Sevdaliza had one flaw: She couldn't figure it out

Sevdaliza strives for “greatness” and is also a great artist. The Iranian pop singer of Rotterdam is an impressive and impressive figure, a large and amazingly beautiful face, flanked by two strands of carefully styled hair. She came from Iran as a refugee at the age of 15, has been taking care of herself since she was 15, was a professional basketball player and became known internationally through dark alternative electro-pop music and hardcore videos. So a special guest in the summer. However, Sevdaliza has one drawback: she can’t tell. this made This broadcast summer guests A very long evening.

The artist expressed herself effortlessly, in abstractions and generalities (“there are many dynamics”), regularly choosing the wrong words. For example, she said that for a long time she acted out of “revenge”. Interesting, what do you think: Say, goddess of revenge, say. Unfortunately, she only meant “decency”.

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Fortunately, Sevdaliza has good eyes and great taste: she showed photos of a gorgeous beauty that you rarely see on TV. Like the fragments of a five-hour demo movie base river (Matthew Barney, 2014) and installation video look at the sea (Sophie Calle, 2019) Where we see the face of a Turkish man who saw the sea for the first time. Oddly enough, the singer’s choice contained more films and visual arts than music. We saw beautiful improvisations by American singer Bobby McFerrin and Cameroonian jazz pianist Richard Bona. As for the sound, look at the sea Also touching: minutes of silence.

Soul and salvation

Unfortunately it floats summer guests No longer on selected image parts. Above all, it is a very long interview in which a wise or educated person tells something in an argument that we did not know before, or in which a celebrity puts his soul and happiness on the table. Sevdaliza had no new visions to offer, nor did he offer soul and salvation. The viewer had to distill the self-portrait himself.

Most telling is the fragment in which tennis star Serena Williams smashed a racket during the US Open, calling the referee a “liar” and a “thief”, and partly because of this penalty-point loss. Sevdaliza has matched the American tennis champion who overcame a lot of opposition. As a woman you don’t take seriously, you’ve been tested, and you have to scream out loud to get something done. “I don’t think it’s possible for a woman to be so sweet and kind.” Reason for her to do as much as possible on herself, stand up for herself, and work hard.

in a look at the sea (2019) by Sophie Calle The Turkish people see the sea for the first time.

Sophie Callie Statue

We learned that the singer roamed the world for years, becoming emotionally numb with hard work. This is what she called it lost in translation-interval. “I never felt at home anywhere,” she said. Thanks to Corona, this is over. I feel so much better now because of the comfort, the love, and the pregnancy. After a part of the Korean movie the maid (Park Chan Wook 2016) stated, “Women should never be satisfied. They are always starving.”

compose and transmit

Sevdaliza said she’s been exploring her Iranian roots lately, too, and found a lot of herself in that culture. She showed dervishes – Sufi clerics who cycle to reach a higher position – and said they were better at composing when she moved. Oddly enough, it does not give a more realistic example: in 2016 she recorded the song ‘Bebin’ in Persian, in protest of President Trump’s decision to close the borders to people from Iran, among others.

In this way, the viewer continued to yearn for concrete examples and stories from her undoubtedly wonderful life throughout the evening. Notable was her praise of the Indian-American investor Naval Ravikant, who explained the meaning of life in part. What an eloquence, think Sevdaliza. And indeed: Ravikant is clear, loose and very tangible. Do. If you want to know why Sevdaliza stands out, you should spend three hours listening to music and videos.

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