Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea FC, sells the club after the invasion of Ukraine

Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea FC, sells the club after the invasion of Ukraine
No timetable provided except for Abramovich sell said “It will not be tracked quickly but will follow due process of law.”
Last week, Abramovich announced that gave “agency” From the club to the trustees of the charitable foundation of the club.
British Member of Parliament Chris Bryant It was Cali beforeThe MP said on Twitter that Abramovich was losing ownership of Chelsea after seeing a leaked 2019 British government document that said Abramovich was of interest due to his “links to the Russian state and his overt association with corrupt activism and practices”.

“Sure, Mr. Abramovich should not be able to own a football club in this country?” he added.

According to the Sanctions List website, the UK has not sanctioned Abramovich himself.

in the current situation On Wednesday, Abramovich said that the net proceeds from the sale will be donated to a foundation set up to help those affected by the sale. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I will not ask for the repayment of any loans,” the statement said.

“This has never been about work or money for me, but about pure passion for the game and the club. Furthermore, I have instructed my team to set up a charitable foundation where all net proceeds from the sale will be donated. The foundation will be for the benefit of all victims of war in Ukraine. It includes This is to provide the necessary funds to meet the immediate and immediate needs of the victims, as well as support long-term recovery work.”

In April 2021, Forbes said Chelsea’s fortune was $3.2 billion. The magazine estimated that Abramovich, who made his money from steel and investments, was listed as the 142nd richest person in the world with a net worth of $14.5 billion.

Chelsea won two Champions League titles – including in 2021 – and five Premier League titles since Abramovich took ownership of the club in 2003 after paying $233 million.

Chelsea are on the pitch on Wednesday night in their FA Cup fifth round match away to Luton Town.

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