Robert Ten Brink on Stop All You Need is Love

Robert Ten Brink on Stop All You Need is Love

Year after year, Robert treats his viewers with the most beautiful romantic moments. Nevertheless, he managed to capture the attention of viewers every time. And this year, he found it quite easy, precisely because of the corona issue. “There’s a lot of aura to people who want to be together again after a long time,” says Robert.

Also in this version, the presenter wants to travel to Lapland with his team again to bring people together. “And of course we’ll go to Schiphol. If it all works out, because Corona is making it more exciting every day what is or isn’t possible. Finding stories together, that’s not the problem. It’s the practical things that are thinking. About breaking.”

Robert has now reached a respectable age. But does he imagine retirement? “Retirement is different for a TV maker than if you work at KPN. Or you’re a pilot. In my case, that means everything stops. The question is: Do you stop yourself or allow that to happen? Be a combination. Everything will become less and who knows, people will think.” Also: Geez, I got it again. This is a great moment to say: Enjoy it, I’m going to get on with my real life.”

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