It is very difficult to schedule a booster dose

De eerste boosterprik in Brabant werd in Prinsenbeek gezet (archieffoto)
Brabant's first booster shot was placed in Prinsenbeek (archive photo)
Brabant’s first booster shot was placed in Prinsenbeek (archive photo)

surprised, upset, or angry Many people do not understand that the weather is a mess when scheduling an appointment to get a GGD booster dose. “We’re on an urgent call: We’re asking everyone who can touch the mouse to make an appointment online,” says GGD.

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On Wednesday, Omroep Brabant received countless emails about the booster shot. Most people feel frustrated at not being able to connect. Anthology:

Van Ginkel: “Planning is the magic word. But unfortunately no planner at GGD understands it. Booster 1953 us two. Call and call back. Then online. Fill in two. Only my husband has an appointment on January 5th. Now you still have… “

If the answer is ‘no’, the connection will be automatically disconnected.

Marian Verwerda: “It is not possible to make an appointment. I have been busy for days. I am still being neglected.”

Joanna and France: “I’ve been calling for days, but I can’t get through. We’re from 1947 to 1951. I don’t remember.”

Rod van Neugen: “If you want to make a date for both of them as a couple, you can’t do it online, but only by phone. If you do, you first have to wrestle through a list and you get the question: ‘Did you get an email?'” If the answer is no, the connection will be automatically disconnected. “

Everett Zibor: “Can not pass. To despair.”

Denny Heijmans: “I’ve already made 204 phone calls, but I can’t get in. So it won’t be an injection before the end of the year. But yeah, we’re used to it now. In our apartment, 60-year-olds have already been vaccinated, while I haven’t received a call Even when I was 78 years old.”

“You’re so compelled to fill in ‘no’ all over the place, and that’s a lie.”

Private questions also prove difficult. Addie Bennings: “The strange thing is that my husband once filled out a ‘yes’ in regards to coagulation in an online survey and then you can’t make an appointment online. Then you have to call and that doesn’t work either. You’re forced to go all over the ‘no’, so lie to get your turn.

Peter Caron:I made an appointment online for Monday, and it can’t be done due to circumstances. Online change is not possible. They still can’t be reached over the phone. It is not possible to make a new appointment online because I already have an appointment. So I keep calling like many others.”

A close-up is often not possible either. MD Pont: “I’m from 1947. I can go very far. I don’t have transportation and would like to be picked up in Tilburg. If I try it online, I can just go to Breda Eindhoven or further.”

Janson joke: “There is a vaccination point in Boxtel, but I have been referred to Breda, Eindhoven, Oss, Waalwijk, Uden. Yes bye! Who pays me the minimum petrol?”

Wilma van Gestel: “I’d like a booster. I live opposite Willem II. If I enter my zip code, they will send me to Eindhoven, Breda, Helmond. Not normal. And they call: No coming.”

“A colleague deliberately entered a different postal code and was able to go to Eindhoven.”

Rob Ingeborg: “It is possible to make an appointment digitally. But it is very insane that all people over the age of 60 should be sent from Den Bosch to Eindhoven, Vigel, Walwick, Boxtel or Coulimburg.”

Cor van Loken: “I already have an appointment, but I can also choose from Weert, Boxtel or Veghel. While I live in Geldrop.”

But striking: “A colleague has deliberately entered a different postal code, far away, and thus can go to Eindhoven. Very close.”

Nelly van Nijnaten: “It’s too ridiculous for words, you can’t reach them by phone and online. If you succeed, you have to go from Brabant to Zeeland. How skewed is that? And then not together, so drive there twice. How can you come with you.. .”

“If all goes well, I will be protected again from February.”

There are also many complaints that taking the injection takes a long time. Elaine Verhoeven: “My husband (1956) and I made an appointment online, but we can only go for a booster on Jan 4 and 6. We got AstraZeneca and I read that Van Dissel says it offers no protection against Omikron. How can we only get a booster dose? In 3 weeks?”

Ad van Kempin: “I live in Tilburg, but I can’t make an appointment online here in Tilburg. Tilburg is not a small town after all. No, I’m forced to drive in a roundabout and only then in January. So if all goes well, I’ve taken the protection Back from February.”

Henk van den Berg: “I’ve also tried 50 times. I’m 65, 1956. Tried online last night but can’t go until mid-January. 4 weeks to wait. While people say we can now get the shot.”

“I booked online at 10:30 PM last night for… 8:45 AM this morning!”

But there is also good news. Cecil Frighoff: “I made a reservation online at 10:30pm last night…8:45am this morning! I didn’t know what I was seeing! I managed to get a payment in 10 hours!”

Rhea Burgess: “Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate and was allowed to listen to horrific music for 50 minutes that was interrupted every 15 seconds with a message that I would send to an employee as soon as possible. I finally got a very nice lady on the line who can make an appointment on December 24.”

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