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Chinese smartphone brand OPPO has released its first foldable smartphone, OPPO Find N. The brand has been working on the phone for four years. The device will be available for sale in China from December 23 with a starting price of 1073 euros. There is a screen inside and out.

OPPO Find N features a 7.1-inch screen on the inside and a 5.49-inch screen on the outside of the fold. When opened, the square aspect ratio is approximately 8.4:9. The aspect ratio of the external screen is 18:9. The hinge system is designed in such a way that the sides of the screen fold flat on top of each other with no visible gaps. The screen can also remain extended at any angle between 50 and 120 degrees. OPPO promises software functions that make partially unlocking the screen useful.

The inner screen has a thin layer of glass that is 0.03 mm thick, which means that it can bend. With regular smartphones, the glass layer is 0.6mm thick, OPPO says in a press release. The ltpo-oled display has a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120Hz with a peak brightness of 1,000 cd/m². The screen outside has the same peak brightness as the screen.

OPPO has added some software features, such as gesture control, to make multitasking work even better. Swiping two fingers down the middle of the screen can split the screen in two in certain apps, and the full window can be turned into a floating window with a tap of four fingers.

Find N features a camera island with three cameras. 50 MP main camera with Sony IMX 766 sensor, 16 MP wide-angle lens, and 13 MP telephoto lens. Both the indoor and outdoor screen are equipped with a selfie camera. This is in the top left of the inner screen.

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The hinge system can be used while taking photos and videos to position the phone at any angle 50-120 degrees and act as a kind of tripod. Hand gestures can also be used to start remote camera recording. If the main camera is used when the screen is fully open, both screens will display a preview of what the camera is seeing, so that the person being photographed also sees what is being seen.

Internally, Find N is equipped with a Snapdragon 888-soc processor, up to 12GB Lpddr5 memory and 512GB UFC 3.1 storage. The device is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery powered by a 33W OPPO fast charger and SUPEROC Flash Charge technology. The device can also be charged wirelessly at 15W and offers 10W reverse wireless charging. The Find N fingerprint sensor is located below the power button on the side. Find N will be available in black, white and purple. All three devices have a glass back.

Become Since 2018 We are talking about a foldable smartphone from OPPO. The brand has developed six prototypes in the past four years for Find N. The device will initially be launched only in China and will cost 7,699 yuan for the 8GB 256GB model and 8,999 yuan for the 12GB 512GB model. This converted €1073 for the first model and €1255 for the second model.

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