Rob gets it wrong again while cooking at Expedition Robinson

Rob gets it wrong again while cooking at Expedition Robinson

Eighteen of the new expedition members embark on the adventure of a lifetime. In the nerve-wracking first test, the celebrities competed in nine duos for a place at Camp Nord, or Camp Zuid. For Eva van de Wijdvin and John de Bevere, they left for Afvallerseiland.

The other participants are kings on their new islands, unaware that not far from them a second, top-secret expedition has begun with eight previous participants. They compete not only against each other, but also against the other participants of the two islands. Although the veterans know that they are not alone, they have no idea who their rivals are, when they will meet and how many.

Great plot twist, and those twists keep coming. The island the expedition members were transferred to is not their real island. They have to find that first. Within five minutes. If that fails, someone must leave the program immediately.

Rob Goose won’t let that happen. He wants to play the game at all costs for more than eight days this time, having lost weight the last time after a balance test on the crossbar. “If you get a second chance, you finish your schedule quickly,” he says.

In the end, the group makes it to the end point in time, but Rob feels Spanish right away when he sees that damned ray again from the corner of his eye. Unlike the other two camps, which work together as a team, celebrities compete individually against each other. Because Rob – despite his good hopes – falls first from the beam, he gets a black vote. This means that he immediately has one vote against him in the first island council. Does he manage to stand for longer, 30 minutes, and thus wins immunity.

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He may have hit the crossbar again, but if Rob learns something from his previous expedition, it can be discussed before he throws the food away. Looking back, he says, “The four grams of flour I gave my last resting place two years ago, of course, were stuck.” “You realize you’ll never do that again.”

However, he seems to be going wrong again, but Luisa manages to step in just in time when he’s busy with rice. “I panicked a lot, because Rob really got his hand out and we both agreed on little hands,” she says in front of the camera. “I said to myself: You won’t spoil our sustainable rice. (…) I feel so sorry for Rob that it’s happening again and he didn’t get to spend his day with the experiment. But he is our rice and he really is bullshit when it comes to that.” To make matters worse, poor Rob added too much (sea) water, making the rice inedible.

Every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. the battle of ex-Expedition members can be seen on RTL 4, while every Sunday at 8 p.m. episodes continue to focus on the further expedition with eighteen participants. It will become clear how and when these two missions meet.

Presenter Nicolette Kluijver hinted earlier on RTL Boulevard that it had become a “completely different expedition” than in previous years.

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