‘Counties patience for government formation is running out’

'Counties patience for government formation is running out'

We can no longer hold back,” says Jaap Smit, King’s commissioner in the south of the Netherlands and chair of the Inter-Provincial Consultations Council (IPO) on behalf of the other commissioners. in m. “There are a number of key core issues that require a missionary government to make firm decisions.”

Nitrogen bases

Among other things, no decision has been made currently on the new nitrogen rules. This is necessary if the construction of new homes is to be expanded in the coming years, as many political parties want.

Informateur Mariëtte Hamer has failed to form a majority government, it was announced yesterday. Hammer described this as “extremely unsatisfactory and essentially unnecessary”. She advises her successor, perhaps Johann Remix, to consider the possibilities of forming a minority.

infinite quartet

According to Hammer, in refusing to start discussions about the content, the parties were guided by the formation of the image, the fear of being overwhelmed by their own vision, and the fear of lack of support within their party.

Smit, a member of the Christian Democratic Alliance, believes that there is an “endless quartet” in The Hague. According to him, discontent is growing in the provinces. “I am no longer interested in the question of who wants to rule with whom, as long as there is a strong government.”

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