Hospitals want a Covid patient out of isolation faster | 1 Limburg

Hospitals want a Covid patient out of isolation faster |  1 Limburg

Limburg hospitals want to safely get Corona patients out of isolation faster.

To achieve this, Maastricht UMC+ will conduct research into the extent of infection of COVID-19 patients along with Zuyderland Medical Center.

PCR test
Currently, patients must have a negative PCR test result for two consecutive days before they are discharged from isolation. “While we know that – even with a positive result – they no longer have to be infectious,” says Mathy Leers, a clinical chemist and hematologist in Züderland. “The test shows the presence of the coronavirus, but it doesn’t distinguish whether this virus is alive or dead,” says Liers.

CoLab . Points
According to him, this can be done differently. “Through a blood test, we can measure a patient’s response to the coronavirus.” Hospitals expect to have an excellent at-home method with so-called CoLab scores. The result is determined on the basis of blood results and is an alternative to the well-known PCR test.

all the time
The blood tests are helpful, Leers said. They are available around the clock and have virtually no additional cost. This is because ten standard lab results are used. This method of testing can shorten the isolation of a corona patient. This is a big improvement. Isolation often accompanies physical and psychological stress for both patients and staff.

deltjes virus
For research in MUMC+ and Zuyderland, blood values ​​and test results of 500 former patients are analyzed. In addition, the CoLab score of 90 future patients is determined daily in the study and compared to a standard PCR test and a new PCR test that can rule out the presence of infectious virus particles.

The researchers hope to be able to collect the results within one year. “There is a possibility that research will show that the CoLab result can also be applied to other infectious diseases,” says Leers.

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