Rising captain RB Brian Robinson will play the Titans on Sunday

Rising captain RB Brian Robinson will play the Titans on Sunday

Warm story from Brian Robinson Jr.Healing only gets better.

Leaders activate the rookie who rushes back for Sunday’s game against the titanssources say. Although only one week of training after that Intended to return from the list of non-football injuriesRobinson will play.

Washington has since announced the activation of Robinson.

While he may ultimately be the rookie, Robinson will likely back Antonio Gibson on Sunday. Plan for about 20 shots for Robinson.

Everything is amazing, considering that August 28Robinson was shot twice during an attempted robbery in Washington, D.C. The third apprentice was lucky, as the bullet entered his lower body clean. The wounds healed last week, but he was able to continue exercising through his rehabilitation.

Coach Ron Rivera told reporters this week that if Robinson was ready, he’d go. There are no reservations. It was a little sore on Wednesday, but it came back on Thursday and it responded well. Friday was another positive day.

“We are very excited,” Rivera said.

The 23-year-old team prepared Robinson for this, and did several simulation series with the coaching staff to prepare them. Everything works. And while he likely won’t start, Robinson, an in-between player, will start as a compliment to Gibson.

“Throw JD Mkesic into the mix and you’ll have a good set of backs spinning and you’re trying to find matches that you can take advantage of,” Rivera said.

In practice this week, despite only training on the side for the past four weeks, Robinson has impressed. While attack coordinator Scott Turner said the decision would be made by the doctors, he hinted that the debutant could come on Sunday.

“He looked great in training,” Turner told reporters. “He’s not only going to come and carry the ball 30 times. It’s his first time playing in the NFL as well. He’s a rookie, so there’s going to be a period that kind of pushes him to go. But I think we’re all excited.”

Everyone is excited about his personal story and amazing recovery, but Robinson must the player enhance the leaders’ attack.

“He’ll give us some juice and that physical presence and a good back,” Turner said.

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