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The alleged source code of the Intel Alder Lake socks has appeared on the Internet. An unknown hacker put 5.8GB of material on 4chan and the source code can now also be found on GitHub. The files contain the source code and tools to create bios or uefi for Alder Lake chips.

VX-Underground Platform leak confirms from the source code. It will be a 2.8 GB file when compressed and 5.86 GB when decompressed. VX-Underground says it hasn’t been able to get a full look at the code base yet because it’s too big. Its legality has not yet been verified. The code was initially leaked on 4chan, but there are now alleged copies on github. It is not known where the code came from, but hackers already have them Evidence found to external suppliers.

The source code shows that the bios files are there, including the tools to build them for Alder Lake chips. Since researchers are still looking at the code, it is not yet clear whether it is possible, for example, to build exploits based on the code and whether sensitive information can be found in it.

In the past, stolen source code was often placed on the Internet. It happened for example In 2021 when gigabyte data hackers About AMD and Intel.

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