Ricochet’s Anti-Cheat Kernel Driver Coming to CoD: Warzone – Games – News

How will this work with other launchers like Steam, can a game also receive an update with this driver, and if so, how can this be done with automatic (forced) updates?

This is also fully automatic there.

After installing the update, you will be prompted once you start the game via a UAC prompt to give Steam permission to install the anti-cheat redistributable with admin rights. This will from adding a permanent drive to the kernel that usually sleeps and needs explicit awakening, from It will install a user mode service that is running under the SYSTEM account and with it (un)rights to install a kernel driver on demand.

By the way, from a legal point of view, this is probably unacceptable.
Under EU law, sellers are required to explicitly state any third party technological protection measures being used prior to purchase. This is an information requirement and therefore an essential product feature. Sellers are not allowed to unilaterally change essential product features and any contractual terms that would authorize them to do so are on an express blacklist of terms that a consumer cannot comply with. By undesirably forcing this update where the only other option is to not accept it and uninstall the entire game and not touch it anymore, the seller is effectively failing its delivery obligation. (Supplied no longer fulfills contract). This is a case of non-conformity in which you as a consumer are entitled to repair or termination and a refund.

But there is, as always, a huge gap between the right to receive justice.

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