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The Mortal Shell will get a roguelike expansion on Wednesday, and it will be free to anyone who owns the game for the first five days after release. Mortal Shell is a Dark Souls-esque RPG that came out a year ago.

with the Extension of the virtuous session Mortal Shell will have a randomly generated game world and Upgrade Columns will allow players to collect “more than a hundred upgrades” in order to get stronger and stronger to advance in the world. According to developer Cold Symmetry, those upgrades include new weapons and maneuvers.

The expansion also adds a new profile seashells higher. Players can change the characters in the game by engaging such a coincidence. The new character has two cats that can be combined into one halberd. However, the game draws inspiration from Bloodborne, where players can use so-called shape-shifting Trick weapons.

The Virtuous Cycle will be available on all platforms as Mortal Shell is available starting Wednesday, August 18th. From that date, the game has become, including the expansion Also available on Steam. The PC version was released on the Epic Games Store last year. The game is also available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you order the DLC before August 22nd, you don’t have to pay. It is not yet known what the price will be after that.

Mortal Shell is a so-called Soulslike that appeared a year ago. According to the makers of the game, the game is heavily inspired by the games from the Dark Souls series. The gameplay is similar, but the developer has also added its own elements. With DLC, the game gets a new mode that has gaming features from roguelike type.

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