Restaurant in Utrecht closed after CoronaCheck app refusal

Restaurant in Utrecht closed after CoronaCheck app refusal

A municipal spokesman said. The spokesperson also said that the mayor’s decision to close the case is in line with what was agreed upon between mayors in the Security Council.

One of those agreements is that if the pass is deliberately not checked, the case can be closed immediately or a fine may be paid.

“Direct Vaccination”

The restaurant’s owners, Waco Waco, say in AD that they have a “deep conviction” that the Corona Corridor equals Medical discrimination and segregationThey see that the entry ticket to Corona is a “direct vaccination compulsion.”

“We are ready for this fight because we know we are right,” they told the newspaper. The vegetarian restaurant is said to have received a significant number of visitors since it declared that it did not want to be ‘discriminated at the door’ in principle.

Fun atmosphere

The introduction of the Corona card, which had to be shown for the first time on Saturday, did not cause any major problems. The municipality of Utrecht also announced earlier that the weather in the city was fine on Saturday.

Many catering entrepreneurs said that sometimes tough discussions had to be had at the door. In some cases, employees of catering establishments were threatened.

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