Naked Dutch celebrities back on TV against cancer: ‘to break the taboo’ Instagram

Naked Dutch celebrities back on TV against cancer: 'to break the taboo' Instagram

The theme of the program is aviation. Participants will dance to the song Good feeling Take off their pilot suits. Simon Keizer will be present, just as in the first version. Any other celebrities who dare to do so will be announced later.

‘You lied!’ Keizer writes on Instagram. Two years ago I participated in #ForOneNightOnly#, but it’s not just “one night only” for me. I’m just doing it again! Only to get dozens of direct messages from viewers who went to check themselves after the documentary and who turned out to be wrong.

He continues: “If you go through a process where your private parts are checked, you are literally exposing yourself. This is a high threshold for many people. taboo. This taboo must be broken! Speaking of which or – in the case of just one night – by literally exposing ourselves.

For One Night Only premiered in 2019. Thijs Römer, Sander Lantinga, Simon Keizer and Viggo Waas, among others, participated. Approximately 813,000 people saw the men stripping, although the lighting only allowed the people in the room to see the completely naked bodies.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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