Moroccan fighter pilots in training in the United States

Moroccan fighter pilots in training in the United States

September 27, 2021 – 19:00 – World


Many Royal Armed Forces pilots are currently in the United States, learning to fly an Apache helicopter for the first time with a National Guard aircraft simulator in Utah. Morocco expects to deliver 24 AH-64 Apache military helicopters in 2024.

Last Thursday, a Moroccan officer flew for the first time an UH-64D / E LCT attack helicopter of the 1st Battalion of the 211st National Guard Air Force. That news forum FAR-Morocco.

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The same source said on September 24 that Facebook was a historic day for Moroccan pilots Harbouli and Azari, both of whom were allowed to test the Apache AH-64D / E LCD’s flight simulator for the first time. They were the first Moroccans to do this.

“In the coming years we will continue to train pilots and technicians prior to Apache attack helicopter delivery,” the same source said.

In June 2020, the Moroccan military signed an agreement with US aircraft manufacturer Boeing to purchase 24 AH-64 Apache helicopters. Delivery is scheduled for 2024.

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