Reds Menu Discounts: Akiyama, Wintergreen, Knapp

Reds Menu Discounts: Akiyama, Wintergreen, Knapp

The Reds said Shoujo Akiyama Nick Krall, Reds’ general manager, said he would not be on the opening day roster Athlete Jim Trent Rosecrans and other correspondents. The team also reported small deals in the league Tree Wininter And the Andrew Knapp They will not break the camp.

Akiyama’s $21 million three-year contract gives him the right to turn down a minor league assignment, and he’s already turned down Triple-A near the end of the 2021 season (he saw some action last year as part of a rehab). If Akiyama does indeed refuse to go to Triple-A again, it appears the Reds are ready to appoint him for the job, and in all likelihood eat up the $8 million owed to the player for the 2021 season.

After nine seasons as a top performer for the Saitama Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball team, Akiyama came to Major League Baseball and hit just 0.224/.320/.274 over 366 board appearances in a Cincinnati uniform. His first season held some flashes of promise, as Akiyama was the finalist for the NL Gold Glove in left field and posted 357 OBP in 183 board appearances. However, he started the 2021 season with a month-long stint at IL with a hamstring problem and never got on the right track, playing 88 games and collecting 183 PA as a part-time player.

Akiyama was candid about his performance when speaking with Rosecrans and other reporters through an interpreter, saying,With two years, these are the results available” And the “Too bad I don’t have many memorable moments. “Of course, Akiyama came to the big companies just before the pandemic changed the world, but he only alluded to those extraordinary circumstances by saying.”I don’t know what my true true self is with me…but realistically speaking, I can still play. I can play hard. I know I can play. So I just have to move forward with this situation. “

The contract ended up being a costly mistake for the Reds, which stands out even more given how the team has cut their salaries for most of the last two seasons, particularly this winter. There doesn’t seem to be any chance that another team will claim Akiyama on the DFA waivers and thus absorb his entire $8 million salary, so if the team is interested, they can wait until the waiver period expires and then sign Akiyama on the minimum salary only, with the Reds covered For the remainder of the outstanding debt of $8 million.

Even given Akiyama’s lack of major league production, it seems likely that another team might transfer him for such a limited cost. The Padres, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Rays, Blue Jays, and Cardinals all had a certain level of interest in Akiyama when he came from the NPB, so one of these former suitors might take a look to see if Akiyama (who is 34 a month old) It can break out in a new environment.

Wingenter and Knapp both signed minor league deals just before the shutdown was implemented. Wingenter only made two runs this spring with an elbow injury, and the Right has already told the Reds he will not practice his withdrawal. Knapp has until Monday to decide whether or not to use its opt-out, then Aramis Garcia He won the contest to be Cincinnati’s reserve catcher.

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