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Razer announces Wolverine V2 Chroma, a console for Xbox Series X/S and PC. The console is equipped with what the manufacturer calls “mica tactile buttons”. In addition, the console has more buttons and functions than a standard Xbox console.

Wolverine V2 targets the Xbox Chroma, which immediately appears from the Xbox logo on the front of the console. In 2017, Razer also released a file special xbox controller from. The Wolverine V2 is the successor to this console and the Chroma version is now also available, with some additional features Careers.

According to Razer, tactile mecha buttons have a faster response time than buttons on a standard Xbox controller. In addition to the tactile buttons, the controller has six additional buttons. Two regular buttons on the top and a total of four triggers on the bottom of the console. Users can assign functionality to this at their own discretion. We’ve also seen these triggers below with an Xbox Elite controller.

Additional triggers aren’t the only thing Razer copied. Thumb sticks can also be replaced. This way, users can place sticks higher or lower on the console, depending on their preferences or the game they are currently playing. Finally, the Razer Chroma RGB should not be missing.

In addition to Xbox Series X/S compatibility, the console can also be used for gaming on PC. The console can only be used wired. However, the USB-C cable can be disconnected. Wolverine V2 Chroma is available immediately and costs €160.

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