These countries have the best and worst roads in Europe | the cars

These countries have the best and worst roads in Europe |  the cars

Holland has the best roads in all of Europe. This is evidenced by the figures of the World Economic Forum, which are assigned by On a scale of 1 to 7, the Netherlands scored 6.4. Only one country is getting close.

It’s not about how dangerous the roads are and whether there are many or few traffic jams, it’s just about the road surface itself. Belgium scored only 4.4, which is a clear difference. Switzerland is in second place with 6.3 and Portugal and Austria together are in third place with 6.0.

For the worst roads in Europe you have to go to the former Eastern Bloc. According to the survey, you will find the worst roads in Moldova, with a rating of 2.6. It is followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with a score of 2.8 and also in Romania and Ukraine (both have a score of 3). The quality of the roads is poor.

If you want to stay a little closer to home and still test the shock absorbers, it is better to go to the Czech Republic (3.9). The astonishing results were, among others, for Turkey (5) and Croatia (5.6), countries that have recently lags significantly behind economically Western Europe and which nevertheless have better roads than many Western European countries. It is also remarkable that Norway has a relatively poor score with 4.5, while this country is seen as an innovator in the field of electric driving, for example.

This map shows countries with roads such as tuber fields and where to drive on the pool cloth. © Landgest

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