Radio 538 suddenly replaced Frank Dine with Wietze de Jager in the morning

Radio 538 suddenly replaced Frank Dine with Wietze de Jager in the morning

Radio 538 stops unexpectedly with the morning show of program maker Frank Dine after the end of the year. The commercial radio station has decided to put Wietze de Jager and Klaas van der Eerden on a weekday morning starting next Monday.

Radio 538 announces the departure of the Dane in a very short time, a few days before the change in programming. It is not clear what the DJ will do next.

“At the end of November we started adjusting our programming and the new morning show is the next step,” channel director Coco Hermans wrote in a press release.

“We assume we will continue to work with Frank and his team at 538 in the future.” The Danish itself is not heard.

Edwin Evers

data for us in 2019 Morning show on DJ Edwin Evers. who gave for 21 years The Morning Show of 538, which was the best-listened morning show in Holland until the end.

Since Dane took over morning time, the listen count has dropped to 538. In October last year, contestants Mattie & Marieke of Qmusic were coveting it More than the proportion of listeners between the ages of 20 and 49.

Weekend program

The voice of Wietze de Jager’s successor can be heard on Friday evenings on Radio 538 since 2018. He has also done a weekend brunch program for nearly two years. De Jager is also the permanent replacement for Dane. Klaas van der Eerden, who will be joining in in the morning, was also part of De Jager’s weekend programme.

Because De Jager is now switching over to Sabah Radio 538, he’s totally opposed to his former teammate Mattie Valk. Together they made Until 2017 Morning Show on Qmusic.

When De Jager and Valk were talking about switching to Sky Radio, Valk started doubt He signed De Jager’s back to a new contract with Qmusic, where he is now performing The Morning Show with Marieke Elsinga.

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