June 3, 2023

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Six Dutch projects receive support to increase cyber resilience – Computer – News

The Dutch government’s Center for Digital Trust is giving support to six projects to increase corporate cyber resilience. The Netherlands Institute for Vulnerability Detection uses the funds to hire people.

The Ministry of Social Development (DIVD) will receive a subsidy for the next three years And so he says Four paid part-time jobs to support volunteers. Ethical hacker Victor Jeffers, among others, will get a position. As of January 1, he will serve as Chief Investigator for DIVD two days a week. He is also one of the founders of that initiative.

He. She DIVD has already worked with DTC as well as with NCSC Warning companies of vulnerabilities. The group consists of volunteers who, among other things, actively search for systems exposed to known vulnerabilities. DIVD researchers are regularly involved in discovering new vulnerabilities.

In addition to DIVD, there are five other projects receiving support. These are ECP Foundation, Hague Security Delta Foundation, MMOX, KMO Development BV and Cyber ​​Safety North Netherlands Foundation. These projects focus, among others, on effective combating of DDoS attacks and cyber incidents in horticulture and finding solutions for small and medium businesses. via Electronic Resilience Support Scheme One million euros have been saved this year. A maximum of €200,000 is available for each project.

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