March 24, 2023

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49ers news: Kyle Shanahan and the team learned of Jimmy Garoppolo's thumb injury during the match

49ers news: Kyle Shanahan and the team learned of Jimmy Garoppolo’s thumb injury during the match

One talking point 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo’s thumb sprain is the reason he was not included in the post-match injury report? On Monday, coach Kyle Shanahan spoke about when Jimmy was injured.

Here’s part of his explanation, with some follow-ups:

Did Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury affect his game in the second half?

“I think it affected his throw, just talking to him, in the first game of the third quarter. I would say that was the play that affected him the most.”

When did you know he was infected?

We knew his thumb was hurting. We knew he jammed it. We thought he jammed it at some point in the match. He tells us when he comes to the bench.”

Shanahan’s admission that the team learned of Garoppolo’s injury without mentioning it after the match is grave.

There were those who doubted whether Garoppolo’s injury was legitimate. However, you can see him recovering his thumb injury after the play and he tells one of his co-workers about it afterwards:

The skeptic in me wondered why Adam Shefter and Ian Rapoport were raising the risk of injury at the same time as Shanahan. It almost happened because they were doing their best to control the combo after Jimmy wasn’t playing well.

Previously, General Manager John Lynch explained how Garoppolo dealt with a calf/Hock injury during Week 3-7. And now, your thumb injury last game. So, basically, saying Jimmy got hurt whenever he’s been playing poorly.

As soon as Garoppolo was reported to have ruptured in the Champions League, my mind turned to ‘Jimmy might have the worst luck with the injury, and that’s the last way you want to see Trey Lance on the field’. Nobody wants to see a rookie play more than me. We can acknowledge this while also sympathizing with Garoppolo’s position.

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Shanahan was asked if he had seen any positive Jimmy plays, and whether they were better or worse than he initially thought:

Did you see things in Jimmy’s performance that might have been better than we thought, might have been worse than we thought, only at first?

“Yeah, overall. I thought the first drive was great. I think the last drive, which was 96 yards with five minutes left to finish, goes down seven points on the road when things aren’t quite right when you have a long ride like where You have a chance to go overtime, I thought it was one of the most important moments of our year if we could just get through it and finish there at the end.

But we didn’t, they managed to get down there and kick that goal. And I thought the interception in the end zone, was the right decision by Jimmy, where the ball is supposed to go. We got one for one with [TE] George [Kittle], but obviously, the angle played so well that I didn’t think it was that hard to see, so Jimmy needed to throw it away.

Instead, he tried to give it to George, and the angle obviously played way too well. He should have thrown it away, he had nothing else. The first throw in the third quarter wasn’t good. He knows you are, but I know Jimmy takes a lot of the blame for the game with the flips, and I think the others are to blame as well as always. I took those two away knowing he had that questionable guy over the middle, the midfielder went down, but he played a nice game without those plays. Those are things that we definitely can’t make because of the way the match went.”

Garoppolo will try to play through the pain, says Ian Rapoport. My friend, who is a doctor, said this sprain is an injury for at least 4 weeks. This is Dr. Nirav Panday, a casualty insider on 957 The Game:

Drew Brees suffered a rupture University of California In 2019. He had an injury in week 2 and ended up missing five weeks. It’s hard to compare injuries knowing that the pain threshold, along with a few other things, is not the same from player to player. Either way, it’s important and unfortunate for Garoppolo.

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