Queen Elizabeth is resting for the next few days on doctor’s advice

Queen Elizabeth is resting for the next few days on doctor's advice

On the advice of her doctors, Queen Elizabeth will be resting for the next few days. The 95-year-old was supposed to visit Northern Ireland today and tomorrow, but that has been cancelled.

Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen reluctantly accepted medical advice that she should rest for the next few days.”

According to the spokesperson, the British head of state is doing well and is disappointed that her visit to Northern Ireland cannot take place. She salutes the people of Northern Ireland and looks forward to visiting later.

Yesterday, Her Majesty the Queen attended a reception at Windsor Castle in honor of the World Investment Summit. There I spoke with British Prime Minister Johnson, among others.

walking stick

Few advertisements are made about the Queen’s health. It is known that she was vaccinated against the Corona virus.

Last Tuesday, she was seen carrying a walking stick for the first time in years, while visiting Westminster Abbey. One of the last times she used the cane in public before that was in 2003, when she was recovering from knee surgery.

“Old year”

The Queen declined to receive this month’s award if “Oldie of the yearFun award given annually.

One of her aides said: “The Queen thinks you are as old as she feels, and therefore does not think she meets the conditions.”

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