Grapperhaus comes up with action for state attorneys after fraud | interior

Grapperhaus comes up with action for state attorneys after fraud |  interior

The former head of the company committed a fraud for approximately 11.5 million euros. The state has also been affected by this. The attorney general who works in the office represents the interests of the state in legal cases. The driver in question has since died.

Grapperhaus wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives that he would amend the agreement with the state attorney in the short term. For example, the office should make the billing system more transparent and include different people with an understanding of financial security in the department. It should also be possible to carry out independent investigations on behalf of the state, for example into money laundering, fraud or data security risks. In addition, communication from the office should be improved, for example by actively indicating the risks to the country and the state of the integrity of the corporate culture.

In the long term, Grapperhaus is also considering modifications. This may include separating the state’s notarial and legal activities and creating an independent supervisory board. Experts also suggested that the prosecutor’s position is no longer performed by a market party, but by a separate institution with its own rules and requirements.

Grapperhaus is also asking the office to cooperate with the various investigations by the regulators and the Public Prosecution Service. The office must also return the money lost in the fraud to all affected parties.

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