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I have this one for PC, so far only experience with Master Chief Collection, but this works poorly. Then I thought “if I bought the game separately, it wouldn’t be that expensive”, but with the idea that I would play more games that way. But my experience with MCC, I doubt it.

I installed everything (which took a long time to download, slow servers), the list starts up, but the individual games are locked. It’s not entirely clear what’s wrong, after looking at some Reddit threads, and seeing that you still need separate license files for each game (and they’re not included with the first download, apparently), but there’s no other option to download them separately or Something like, the xbox app or windows store should automatically start separate downloads for that, which it didn’t. After panicking a few times, change “install on my device” a few times, after a few hours of messing around, sure, 10MB downloads of license files, but only for 2 games (there are 6 games there)… sigh.. some flick back And back later, the rest finally came.

No idea what I actually did causing them to download (maybe it was just patience, wait, but the download took a long time, I wanted to play, I don’t know what was wrong, if it wasn’t a bug but a feature then the connections suck anyway).

Anyway, hope there’s a problem later, it finally works…
After a few weeks or so the gvd licensing files are gone again (I think due to game card subscription renewal), this nonsense again… messing around with the xbox app and windows store, and they’re back again… still no idea what to do Exactly to cause me to download those license files again…

Recently, I want to start the game, you will not. An icon on the desktop is also suddenly empty. I see in the xbox app it’s getting a 35GB update (I play single player, I don’t care much about that so I don’t ask for it), in the meantime the game is unplayable.

What a misery. I’ve had 3 evenings now that I’m like “so let’s play some halo story” and the party didn’t go on. I can hope it will run much better on a physical xbox, as opposed to windows, but I would absolutely not recommend this game with my experience (well, with one).

So besides the unreliable game offerings, it’s not technically well bundled. I’m playing during the last part of mcc, and I think I’ll cancel it. No sense to trouble with another game.

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