Psychic raises middle finger at Marcel & Gijs: ‘I hate you’

Psychic raises middle finger at Marcel & Gijs: 'I hate you'

Last night was the day: Spiritual coach and medium Liesbeth van Dijk made her long-awaited appearance on Marcel van Roosmalen and Gigs Gruntmann’s TV show, after they did everything they could to get her this week. Her television appearance immediately caused some consternation in the studio.

Because an error occurred in the advertisement. Marcel van Roosmalen wasn’t ready for the introductory talk. He said, “Oh yeah!” “Well, you have people, you have things, you have planes, you have everything and you have Liesbeth van Dijk. He’s a very special person. She has a certain power, she can see the future, she can feel things. It’s going to be a very special evening.”

Meanwhile, the psychic was bouncing back in her chair. She raised her middle fingers while talking, then joked that she “hated” the two men for their comments and admitted that she “didn’t want to be on at all” because she “never watched” the talk show anyway.

History Between the Psycho and Marcel & Gijs

Marcel van Roosmalen and Jess Gruntmann invited moderator Lisbeth van Dijk after she put the duo through the wringer earlier this week at business degree. After presenter Harry Means asked her if there would be a second season Marcel and Giggs He will come (he himself said he got the creeps from the two), spiritualist reads the energy of the two. She has a hunch.

“Yeah, oh, well, wait a minute,” she said with her eyes closed, searching the spirit world for answers. She panicked and sat down with her hands in her hair: “Yeah, I have to hurry… Wait a minute, Giggs and Marcel, hmm…”, she continued. “I’ve never seen that before, but I look at their looks. They’re not going to stay popular in this country,” she concluded.

I find you lovable

This clip sparked laughter in a studio Marcel and Giggs, after which Marcel van Roosmalen actually states that he loves “nothing more” than her psychic coming to the table. And so it happened, because she was sitting at the table yesterday. “I hate you with all your comments,” she said when it was announced.

But she also wondered what was going on. “I’ve been applauded on this show for two days. I screamed and screamed but why? I actually didn’t want to come in at all, because I’d never watched. But I really thought, What’s going on here? And I was just watching, because yeah, I had to say Something about you. Then I actually thought you were kind of touching,” she said. Then a call was made and an offer of €100,000 was made. Then I thought: Now I’m coming all the way! “

Lisbeth van Dijk quipped: ‘You’re so sour’

However, I was left wondering why she was invited. Giggs Gruntmann replied. “Look, Lisbeth, you were talking sweetly about us and Harry Means. We would have loved Harry to be there too, of course. How is he really? Then the monkey came out of the sleeve for the spiritual Liesbeth van Dijk. “Ah, you just want to get a story?”

She said that Harry Mann actually “knows nothing”, but that he is “smarter than anyone at the table put together”. Then I went into what I really thought about Marcel van Roosmalen and Jess Gruntmann. “I think you both come across on TV differently now. I also get fatter on TV than in real life. But I hate you so much! We live in a time when everyone is so sad. But you’re really sour.”

“Well, that’s not so bad, is it?”

Marcel van Roosmalen saw this as advice. “We are also there to learn.” Although he didn’t quite agree with the table guest’s comments. “Well, that’s fine, isn’t it?”

“I think it’s realistic,” he continued. “I understand that you come from another world, from the paranormal. But I’m more than that, I’m standing on the ground with both feet. Let’s just take a realistic look at everything. One calls that sour and one calls it realistic.”

Viewers should be laughing at the guest of the table at Marcel & Gijs

Viewers are delighted to visit Liesbeth van Dijk. She especially likes the introduction. “Greatly presented,” says one person Marcel and Giggs Getting better day by day. Others demand that she become a regular companion on the programme.

This is not the first time that a guest on a talk show table has made a number of heartwarming statements. Two weeks ago, for example, one of the table guests thought it necessary to apologize for some of his statements.

Watch the episode here.

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Psychic Liesbeth raises middle fingers at Marcel & Gijs entrance: ‘I hate you’

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