Travis Scott in the first interview after ‘Astroworld’: ‘I haven’t heard anything about it’ | to watch

Travis Scott in the first interview after 'Astroworld': 'I haven't heard anything about it' |  to watch

Travis Scott gave an interview for the first time since the deadly events of Astroworld Festival. The rapper says he only learned of people’s deaths a few minutes before the press conference after the show ended. He also says he hasn’t heard anything on stage from fans who asked him to stop performing.

“Even after the show, I didn’t realize exactly what had happened until minutes before the press conference,” Scott said in an interview with Charlemagne Tha Jude on YouTube. “And even then I was like, huh what? Sometimes people faint, and these things happen during concerts, but something like that?”

At the Astroworld Festival in Houston, USA, where 50,000 people attended, ten festival-goers were killed in early November and dozens were injured due to crowding in the square. How the situation got out of hand during the festival is still under investigation.

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Fans tried to get Scott’s attention during his performance in hopes of stopping the show, but the rapper was clueless. “When you hear something like that, you want to stop right away. You always want your fans to do well.” “But I haven’t heard anything from her.”

Scott’s shows are also known to be wild, but according to the rapper, this almost always happens in a “safe environment.” “There were no people who intentionally wanted to cause harm. They just wanted to have a good time, and then this happened. We really need to find out what exactly happened.”

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