Predict the 2023 Detroit Lions win record

Predict the 2023 Detroit Lions win record

This weekend, the Detroit Lions opened a rookie mini camp, one of the first steps to real action on the field, a clear sign that football is just around the corner. Well… three months are just around the corner.

But for now, we have a good idea of ​​what the depth chart for the 2023 season will look like, and we can make a pretty accurate estimate of their 53-man roster. The Lions can move a roster here and there, but what you see is probably what you’ll get next season.

Plus, this week we got the Lions’ 2023 schedule, giving us the standings and time of the opponents we already knew the Lions would face.

Is it too early to give season predictions? of course it is. But at the same time, we have the essential bits of information we really need to make a somewhat informed opinion.

Earlier this week, Eric Schlett and I made our game-by-game predictions. We’ve also seen what the Vegas odds makers think, giving opening odds for all 17 Lions games in the 2023 schedule.

Now is the time to assess your fan base. Optimism has been running high in Detroit since their turnaround midway through last season. Faith in this team only grew after the popular free agency period, and during 2023 NFL Draft It certainly produced some polarizing opinions, and there is still an excess of optimism in Detroit.

So let’s see what that looks like on paper.

What do you think the Lions record will be in 2023? Vote in the poll below and scroll down to the comments section to explain your decision.

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