Nvidia will soon discontinue production of the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti’ – PC – News

The question is what do they mean by production in this case. Chip production is separate from assembly. The chips themselves are tested after production and sorted based on quality. For example, the worst GA103 chipset is entered at around 3060 Tis, but it also uses the GA104 chipset for that. Although “very good” chips are often used for lower speed cards if they are in high demand.

In general, manufacturers basically keep stocks of chips and collect them as late as possible before they are delivered. In this way, they can better respond to market demand. This is how the GA104 chip fits into everything from the 3060 to the 3070 Ti. If the demand for the 3060 is suddenly too high, for example because people decide that 12GB of VRAM is too important, could they use more GA104 chips for that, even if those chips are already too good for that.

Nvidia has had very large inventories for a long time and they’ve also told investors they’re slowing down the release of Ada because they have to get rid of their 3,000 chip stocks first. So presumably production of the AD106 is going well (this is also a very young chip made by TSMC, who are known for good production processes), but there are still a lot of old chips on the shelf that need to be sold first.

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