PP22: Ringtones as I prepare for a one-time marvel

PP22: Ringtones as I prepare for a one-time marvel

Life can get crazy sometimes. One minute Tony Watson was playing on the sidewalk with a keyboard and coin hat, the next minute she was writing Dance Monkey about the lives of street musicians and the rest is history. The flow meter is now 2.5 billion. This song dates back to 2019, but due to an epidemic among the vocals and Tunes and I released another album between them, she can still come and do the monkey dance at Pinkpop. In decor, yes. Bright green haunted house. In the front lawn, the band plays behind purple fences.

From the basker to the flowing cannon, it’s really beautiful From rags to riches a story. Find it on your own. Ringtones as I prepare for one wonderful life. She actually captured exactly how famous she is in a minute-long montage midway through the show. Gorgeous, those pictures of crowded houses, headlines, amazing arena performances with fireworks, and wow, the successes keep piling up. Then it “brings us back to how it all began.” The band quits, Tunisia and I are sitting on the roof of a haunted house, where there’s a lonely keyboard, and we start covering “Forever Young” to a very ridiculous house beat. The audience starts clapping so hard that they start to cry, which is also very beautiful. More Instagram wisdom spreads on screen, because you too can become a success story, Tones And I is living proof of that. “We were supposed to shine, not just one of us, everyone.” Really inspiring, also for herself in the future.

Ringtones and I play it cleverly. She plays “Dance Monkey” at the end, which is why most people stop. They are all very simple electronic pop songs according to the “Dance Monkey” recipe, one more successful than the other. The keyboard goes from pling-plong, there’s a very simple bass playback with an electronic drum stroke, then the Tones open and I loop. And noisy too. She looks a bit like Sia has laryngitis, she sings and clears her throat as if there is a hard rattle stuck in her. Then you cough “Dance Monkey,” which sounds exactly as anti-weather as you’d expect three-quarters of an hour after Tones And I.

the moment:
At the start of her ensemble, she put a pink Pinkpop over her own hat, and kept it on throughout the show, even though it was 35 degrees. Really beautiful, massive gratitude that I showered Pinkpop with. But yes. Even if the monkey wears a pink hat, it remains a once upon a time marvel.

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