Honda Legend (1998) – Facelift Friday

Honda Legend (1998) - Facelift Friday

What were the most forgotten limousines of the 1990s? You may just be a Honda legend, at least in Europe. The Honda supercar got a facelift in 1998, which gave it a more confident look.

The Honda Legend remains as a model series in the minds of many Dutch car enthusiasts. However, there is a good chance that the generation shown here will not appear, but rather one of the previous two copies on your retina. The fourth version is perhaps more mysterious than the third version of the legend, Previously featured in this column

The third generation Honda Legend came out in 1995 and was ostensibly a kid of his time. We see plenty of smooth lines and rounded corners, but also many elements that make it look like the smaller Accord and Civic. At the same time, this meant a big step up from the second legend, which had more peculiarity with a solid and straight front. The Third Edition was essentially a “big friendly giant,” a remarkably friendly-looking car for this size. Make no mistake, however, because with a length of 4.96, this Legend was barely shorter than the BMW 7 Series at the time (E38).

In 1998, the Legend overtook BMW, at least the “short” 7. A new nose and a different rear bumper increased the length that year to more than 4.99 meters. A face-lift also means a somewhat tighter interaction of lines with a more confident look, which Legend could use. Especially the top grille, which finishes just like the Accord from that time on at a point at the bottom, that warrants it. The tighter, bigger and tighter headlights of 1998 also do a lot for Honda’s bigger appearance. The Legend, incidentally called the Acura RL in the US and Canada (see photos), was also under the knife in the rear. The outlines of the parts remained the same here, but new taillights, a different number plate frame and a tighter bumper brought a clearly visible refresh here as well.

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