Postponement of the appeal of the decision of JISKFIT by two weeks | Currently

Postponement of the appeal of the decision of JISKFIT by two weeks |  Currently

Amsterdam Court of Appeal decision on appeal about the jisefet-encyclopedia It comes in two weeks. This is what the Court of Appeal and the lawyer for the book publisher said AP I teach them. The verdict was supposed to be on Tuesday.

Publisher Noblesse has appealed an earlier decision regarding an encyclopedia it published about the popular TV show jisefet† The judge ruled that all books should be provided with a label that read “Unauthorized”. The publisher, among other things, wants the judge to overturn this decision.

jisefetDirectors Hermann Koch and Michele Romain came forward in October of last year to courtbecause they wanted to reach jisefetEncyclopedia of Noblesse. The book was written without their knowledge.

The judge granted them access, after which the men again went to court. This time they wanted it to be clear to buyers that they had nothing to do with creating the book. Invoke trademark law.

‘Journalistic interests are not sufficiently taken into account’

The judge ruled in favor of Romain and Koch and ordered the publisher to supply all books with a label that read “Unauthorized”.

Nobles appealed against this decision. The company’s lawyer believes that it should still be possible to publish an unauthorized book on a phenomenon like jisefet Without the need to add a sticker.

The Press Freedom Fund, founded by the NVJ journalist union and the Dutch Association of Chief Editors, supports the publishing house and helps pay for the appeal. Fund believes that the judge did not take into account journalistic interests in the ruling.

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