VPN Providers Pull Servers From India Due To New Rules | Currently

VPN Providers Pull Servers From India Due To New Rules |  Currently

Many popular VPN companies move their servers outside of India. At the end of June, new rules will go into effect in the country that require VPN providers to store customer data, such as names, IP addresses, email addresses, and payments. Providers do not want to participate in it.

According to NordVPN Take Crunch The latest company to pull VPN services from the Indian market. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to connect to the Internet anonymously. This is often done via a server in another country.

NordVPN does not keep customer data, the company said. “But we also believe it is very important to protect the privacy of our customers,” a company spokesperson said. “That’s why we can no longer maintain servers in India.”

But NordVPN isn’t the only company that gets involved in this way. Express VPN and SurfShark also acquired servers from India. Some providers say they will continue to offer VPNs to Indian users, but this may also be against the rules.

The new legislation was announced last month by Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar, who believes that incompatible VPN providers should pull out of the country. The minister says the new rules are aimed at countering cyber attacks and enhancing cyber security in India.

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