Cabinet describes farmers’ protest against the minister’s house as unacceptable

Cabinet describes farmers' protest against the minister's house as unacceptable

The Cabinet considers the demonstration organized by a group of farmers last Friday in front of Minister van der van der’s house unacceptable. This was said by Foreign Minister van der Burgh for Justice and Security in the House of Representatives.

There are many questions about the frightening effect of some farmers’ protest actions, such as that of the bean gas truck Friday Prior to that of the farmers’ defense force. He immediately took a large part of the room distance: after From. Another large demonstration was announced in The Hague on Wednesday 22 June.

MP D66 Paternotte believes it has become too normal for ministers – and their partners and children – to deal with citizens at home who do not agree with government policy. “How could this happen on Friday?” He wanted to know who the Secretary of State was. After all, it was known that the Cabinet would come up with controversial plans on nitrogen that day.

Foreign Minister Van der Burgh reiterated that the police did not expect the protest to take place and that no criminal offenses were once found at the site. “But we all experience this demonstration as frightening. This is unacceptable. Everyone has the right to demonstrate, but to do so in an orderly manner.”

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