Philips Freriks experiments with yoga poses at De Slimste Mens

Philips Freriks experiments with yoga poses at De Slimste Mens

The smartest personPresenter Philippe Frericks may be 79, but last night it turns out you can still seduce him into a difficult yoga pose. It wasn’t completely flawless, but it did get the crowd laughing at his hand.

The smartest person It was again the most watched program last night with nearly 1.8 million viewers. B & B full of love Followed by an audience of 915,000. inside today (SBS6) was the top-scoring talk show: 756,000 viewers were hooked on the tube.

Anchor Dwight Van de Wejver and TikTokker Soraya Reem and presenter Ghislaine Plagg take it on in the final episode of The smartest person against each other, with Plagg as the opponent. She’s said “no” to the knowledge test several times, but TV columnist and journalist Angela de Jong has finally convinced her. “Every day we have a national news quiz speech makers Then I let the test candidates die a thousand times. So I have to believe it myself.”

Philips Freriks does yoga at De Slimste Mens

During the test comes the subject of yoga. “Do you do yoga?” Frerix Plagg asks. The presenter agrees. And did you know Downward facing dog? Can you show it?” Plag doesn’t make any sense about that. “It’s possible, but we were sent. It’s a little hard, isn’t it?” she says, laughing. “If you do that, what should you do?” Frericks asks. “If you stand up, I’ll give you instructions,” Plagg encourages him.

It turns out that the presenter is not the worst and stands in front of the candidates. “Say that.” Balag commands him: “On all fours.” Frerix then drops to his knees. “Your knees are up, Phillip. So your buttocks are basically up. Frericks is standing up, letting his arms dangle and trying to touch the floor with his hands. “Oh, so?”

He doesn’t want to be fully functional, so Frericks throws in the towel. “Should we just ignore it? I understand. “What I’m not doing,” he sighs. “I’m amazed at that, too.”

Watch the clip here:

Plag proves to be not only good at yoga but also at play. It’s tough competition, but van van den Vejver eventually managed to win the day. So Plag and Riem have to compete at the end of the day, whose bidder has the best credentials by 90 seconds. Although Rem is still fighting bravely, she must pack her bags as expected.

You can watch De Slimste Mens here never.

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