Matt Damon kissed Scarlett Johansson in a very awkward moment

Deserving movie buffs will give very little to sharing a kiss with Scarlett Johansson. The actress has been seen as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood for decades, but Matt Damon isn’t looking back fondly on his kiss with Johansson.

Johansson, who is best known for her role as Black Widow in the MCU, is seen in the movie alongside Damon We bought a zoo. In this, the two actors share a kiss, but Damon could not enjoy this because of the following reason.

Damon is currently conducting the necessary interviews for his latest film, OppenheimerPut her in the spotlight as much as possible. During a final conversation, Damon talks about shooting Al We bought a zoo In 2011, he was allowed to kiss Johansson.

The necessary guys call him a lucky guy, but Damon doesn’t have many good memories of him. Thus says the actor:We finished filming this scene and went to lunch together to celebrate“.

However, when the two actors returned, she was told to re-record it. Damon continues:We thought it was over, but it wasn’t. Scarlett came over to me and then said, “Sh*t, I just had an onion sandwich!” So I thought it smelled really bad“.

Despite the fact that Damon Johansson made fun of this, it actually wasn’t so bad. Damon ends up jokingly saying, “To me, her breath smells like roses!

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