Peter Gillies on postponing Nicole Cremers’ book: ‘I’m busy with my own life’ | Backbiting

Peter Gillies on postponing Nicole Cremers' book: 'I'm busy with my own life' |  Backbiting

Peter Gillies is aware of the news that his ex-girlfriend Nicole Cremers has put her book on hold indefinitely. “She has to figure it out herself.”

Gillis says he is not working on Cremers’ book. “I’m busy with my own life, I’m busy,” he says. RTL Street. the Masa is a cassA-ster says he wants it to be a book with facts. “Especially when it comes to me.”

The Cremers’ manager announced Monday morning that Gillis’ ex-girlfriend would shelve the book because “the book’s release will bring new tensions.” “We’ve seen that since that lawsuit, when she confronted him again, and even laughed at him, things weren’t going well for her,” the director says, adding that the book is “definitely coming.”

Gillis announced during a preliminary hearing earlier this month that he wanted to see the manuscript before it was published. De Brabander stated that his ex-girlfriend is not allowed, on the basis of the settlement agreement, to make any statements about their broken relationship. Cremers, in turn, claims that she signed the agreement under duress. The ruling in this case will be issued on November 30.

There is also an assault case against Gillis. He is accused of biting creamers on her back and nose, among other things. The Public Prosecution Office (OM) had earlier decided to prosecute Gillis. Cremers also later filed a report. It is not clear when this case will begin.

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