From the “VVD Crisis” to “Venlo by the Sea”: the five most striking moments of the EenVandaag election debate

From the "VVD Crisis" to "Venlo by the Sea": the five most striking moments of the EenVandaag election debate

At times things got heated in the EenVandaag election debate between six party leaders. We discuss the five most surprising moments of the debate.

Party leaders Dylan Yeshilgoz (VVD), Peter Omtzigt (NSC), Frans Timmermans (GroenLinks-PvdA), Geert Wilders (PVV), Caroline van der Plas (BBB) ​​and Rob Gitten (D66) discussed with each other about topics in Immigration Ahoy Rotterdam, climate and social security.

1. “It is not a refugee crisis, it is a VVD crisis”

The immigration debate began by asking how many asylum seekers the party leaders were willing to accept into our country. According to Geert Wilders (PVV), Peter Omtzgut (National Security Council), and Dylan Yesilgoz (VVD), this number should be significantly reduced, but according to Rob Gitten (D66) no. “There is no refugee crisis, but a VVD crisis,” he said of the policy of recent years.

Yeşilgoz responded strongly: “D66 denies that there is any problem in the field of asylum and immigration, and denies people’s concerns.”

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Rob Gitten vs. Dylan Yeshilgoz: “There is no refugee crisis, there is a VVD crisis.”


Gitten and Wilders stood out

Who stood out the most during the EenVandaag election debate? For political reporter Remco Thewlings, that was Rob Gitten. According to him, the D66 leader was noticeably ferocious: “The way he attacked the Yesilgoz party (VVD) on the issue of asylum seekers who caused inconvenience was particularly surprising. And so was the ferocity on the nitrogen crisis, where he described the Netherlands as the ‘biggest giant’ stable in the Netherlands.” And I fell.”

“Gert Wilders follows him closely,” says Thewlings. “He is strong in every debate, and now too, especially on his favorite topic of immigration. His only flaw was that he did not meet his favorite rival Frans Timmermans on this point. That is why he was perhaps less effective than he was in, say, the SBS debate.” “

2. Timmermans and Wilders for “Venlo aan Zee”

Geert Wilders (PVV) and Frans Timmermans (GroenLinks-PvdA) disagreed on the climate issue. According to Wilders, a lot of money is being spent on this issue: “We do not deny the climate problem. But we are spending billions on it, while people cannot buy groceries. There are bigger problems than climate in the coming years.”

Timmermans emphasized that failure to properly address the climate problem ultimately puts people in deeper trouble. “Mr. Wilders may like Venlo an Zee, but I don’t like him.”

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A clash between Frans Timmermans and Geert Wilders over the movie “Venlo aan Zee”


Less frequency in Timmermans

According to political correspondent Remco Theuling, Frans Timmermans appears to have put some of his fears to rest this evening. “He dealt with the matter more aggressively than in previous debates, including against Wilders on the climate issue. But he reacted mainly against Yeşilgoz, whom he accused of not taking responsibility for 13 years of HPD policy, and of constantly Misrepresenting his tax plans.” “It would be good for the VVD to sit on the bench for a while.”

Yesiliguz backed down and emphasized that the middle groups would indeed benefit from the party’s plans. She also confirmed that GroenLinks-PvdA “taxes entrepreneurship in the Netherlands”.

3. Van der Plas: “Farmers are insulted”

Nitrogen was also discussed during the climate debate. Rob Gitten (D66) described the Netherlands as “the largest sedentary region in the world” and stressed that Dutch agriculture has a lot of emissions and must reduce them significantly.

Comment on Caroline van der Plas’s sore leg (BBB): “Mr Gitten is insulting farmers by saying this.” According to her, our country is leading the way and farmers can reduce nitrogen further. If only they were allowed to. “Farmers from abroad come here to learn from our innovations.”

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Caroline van der Plas to Rob Gitten: “You are insulting farmers”

4. Timmermans: “Yishilgoz learned from Roth”

Finally, there was a discussion on the topic of Social Security: How do people have more money left? GroenLinks-PvdA wants the wealthy to bear the brunt. Frans Timmermans said: “We are raising taxes on rich Dutch people. This is not good for millionaires, but in this way we are making the Netherlands more fair.”

According to Dylan Yeshilgoz, GroenLinks-PvdA wants to “tax people to pieces.” “It’s about entrepreneurs, not rich people. You pick people.” Not true, according to Timmermans: “Now she’s doing it again: you keep twisting it.” According to the GroenLinks-PvdA leader, she “learned from her predecessor Rutte”.[‘[‘

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Voglens Yeşilgöz wants Frans Timmermans to “tax the Dutch to death”, but according to Timmermans this is not true at all

5. Umtzigt wants ‘better governance’

The final question in the discussion was how the next generation will perform better than the current generation. According to Peter Umtsigt (National Security Council), this is due to improved management. “We have a government that has failed miserably with the good fathers, with Groningen. The citizens have not been able to get past that.”

“If we don’t change this, we will face the same kind of scandals. We have to stop this now,” he added.

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Peter Omtzgut: “It’s time for better governance”


Umtzigt and Van der Plas in the background

“Peter Omtsigt and Caroline van der Plas played a less prominent role in the debate,” says political reporter Remco Theulings. “The NSC leader once again stressed that it all starts with good governance. He also insists that employers and pension funds must take their responsibility in solving the housing crisis.”

“As expected, Van der Plas defended the agrarian Netherlands. She concluded her appeal for social security with the comment that wealth is not the most important thing for the current generation of young people: ‘This generation has had its share of choices.’ Ensuring well-being for our young people is very important “

Election debate in EenVandaag

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