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heinz house, Head of publishing At Bethesda Softworks, he leaves after 24 years of service and retires. Hynes and Bethesda announced this.

Along with Todd Howard, Haynes is one of the most famous people at Bethesda Softworks, the publisher behind gaming franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. says Hines “It was not an easy or quick decision.” “But after an amazing career, culminating in the amazing release of Starfield, the time seems right,” Haynes said. News of his departure comes just over a month after the release of Starfield, Bethesda’s biggest release since Fallout 76 in 2018.

also Bethesda thanks Hines For the important role he played within the company. “Pitt’s public presence was only a small part of his role at Bethesda, although the way he represented us was reflected in the values ​​he holds dear here: authenticity, integrity, and passion,” the post read.

Pete Hines has worked at Bethesda since 1999. The first 23 years he was Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications. Since October of last year He played a role Head of publishing. Just like Bethesda president Todd Howard, Hines is a well-known face in the gaming world. In recent years, he has regularly spoken in interviews and been seen at press conferences such as E3.

Pete Hines Bethesda

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