January 27, 2023

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Wear OS gets support for left-hand screen rotation – tablets and phones – news

New Wear OS devices are getting a screen mirroring feature to make the smartwatch more convenient for left-handed users. Then the smartwatch can be worn with the buttons facing the wrist for ease of use.

a Google employee says That Google developers have completed 180-degree screen rotation and that it will be available on “new devices in the future.” No further information will be shared in the message; For example, it is not known if older smartwatches will also have this feature. The message is a reply to Specification request From a user who requested this in April 2018. Another Google employee He said that month Refer the request to the development team, Shared in early 2020 That job was already being worked on.

With the function, the smartwatch itself can be worn upside down, with the buttons on the opposite side of the screen. This is useful, for example, for left-handed users. Now when they wear their smartwatch on their right hand, the buttons are on the side of their elbows, which users say is less user-friendly than when the buttons are toward the wrist. Apple Watch has had the option for a while now to rotate the screen.

Oppo watch with buttons on the right
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