‘Difficult’ talks between NATO and Russia cannot remove the Kremlin’s discontent

'Difficult' talks between NATO and Russia cannot remove the Kremlin's discontent

NATO CEO Stoltenberg said talks between NATO and Russia on tensions over Ukraine have been difficult. “There are big differences between NATO allies and Russia and it is difficult to resolve them,” he said after the meeting. According to him, it was already a plus that both parties were at the negotiating table.

Russia says it has made proposals to ease tensions in the region, but they have been ignored by NATO. According to Deputy Defense Minister Fomin, this response creates a fertile ground for accidents and conflicts.

The two sides agreed to discuss military tensions over Ukraine often. According to Stoltenberg, the Russians were not ready to associate concrete data with this. At a press conference, the NATO Secretary General said that the new negotiations could also cover other topics, such as reducing the number of medium-range missiles in Europe.

The Defense Ministry in Moscow told the official news agency TASS that Russia is counting on more constructive talks with NATO.

Russian forces

Russia has deployed nearly 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine, and NATO wants them to withdraw. Russia aims to withdraw NATO from all countries that fell under Russian influence during the Cold War. The Russians also demand to ensure that Ukraine never joins NATO.

Why would Russia want that? We made this video about it:

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