Patrick Mahomes has to “re-evaluate what I’m doing” after three Sunday night spins

NFL: OCT 10 Bills at Chiefs

NFL: October 10 Bills in Chiefs

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The Chiefs dropped to 2-3 in a Sunday night 38-20 loss at home to the Bills and their top player wanted to put the blame on his shoulders.

quarterback Patrick Mahomes He threw two interceptions and lost a tackle during the match, which represented four consecutive weeks with a turn for a player not known for being dirty with the ball. After the match, Mahomes said it was time to take a look at what he’s doing because his results must change in order to improve the Chiefs’ results.

“It starts with me,” Mahomes said, via’s Adam Teicher. “It’s something I haven’t usually done in my career, but I have to reassess where I stand, the decisions I make. I’ve been a crazier player in terms of scrambling and throwing. But in my career I’ve never been someone who throws so many interceptions. I have to look at it. right Now , Re-evaluate what I doI have to cut it off.”

Mahomes has six interceptions per season, which matches the total from last season and is more than he threw in all of 2019. This has been an unwelcome development in Kansas City, and finding a way to clean things up is a key part of pushing the team in a better direction.

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